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This website is dedicated to creating and delivering innovative and practical solutions to vexing problems related to classic Volvo cars.

Notes re recent price increases: The prices for the products and services offered on this site were set when the US Dollar was worth about $1.10 Canadian (CAD).  Now it is worth about $0.97 CAD. As we are Canadian based, this change in exchange rates negatively affects our bottom line. We have done our best to avoid raising our prices for as long as we could but we can no longer afford to do this. As such, prices on all our products and services have increased as of March 14, 2011.  Shipping prices have also increased to reflect price increases at Canada Post.  We apologize for having to raise all of our prices for products, services and shipping but they are due to factors that are well beyond our control.  

Products and Services
On this site will be available many unique products and services related to old Volvos. Initially, most of these products and services will be aimed at the P1800 market but we hope to be adding many more such products and services for other classic Volvo cars as time goes on.

Enthusiast Forum/Discussion Board
In the near future we hope to have a discussion board/forum set up where people can discuss Volvo related problems, annoyances, modifications and the like. It's our hope that people will use it as a means of pooling our collective knowledge and talent to find solutions to problems and annoyances related to the maintainance and upkeep of our classic Volvos.

Resources & Links
On the Resources and Links pages you will find dozens of links to useful Volvo related webpages and other valuable Volvo information resources, some of which are hosted on this site and some of which are not.

This site is not affiliated with AB Volvo, VolvoCar Corporation of North America Inc. or any other Volvo company.

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